Chris Matthieu

Hacker, Founder, CEO



Founder with 20 years experience building start-ups.

Hello, I'm Chris Matthieu! After graduating with a Business & Computer Science degree, I joined the corporate world and managed many large IT organizations as VP/CTO before becoming a serial entrepreneur with 5 successful start-ups all with acquisition exits.

I now work for Intel as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the Corporate Strategy Office.
Metaverse / Robotics / AI / RealSense Cameras / CTO Office

Computes, inc was a decentralized supercomputing platform acquired by MagicLeap.
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Octoblu was a no-code, multi-protocol Internet of Things platform and service acquired by Citrix.
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Nodester was a NodeJS PaaS hosting platform acquired by AppFog.
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Digital Voice Technologies, inc was a VoiceXML Browser platform and service acquired by Ideas and Associates.
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Teleku was a cloud-based telecom API and service (similar to Twilio) acquired by Voxeo.
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